Frequently asked questions

Q: Who are you?
A: This website belongs to The Forex Investments LLC. Our company established in August 2006.

Q: What type of payments do you accept?
A: We accept Perfect Money, Bitcoin and International Bank Wire Transfer( SWIFT). The minimum Bank Wire Transfer is 3000 USD, please contact us for the details.

Q: How much can I deposit?
A: The minimum deposit is $500 and $500,000 of maximum.

Q: How can I buy and sell  Bitcoin?
A: There are exchangers where you can buy and sell Bitcoin. please visit  Bitcoin exchange providers for a list of major exchangers.

Q: How can I invest via Bitcoin ?
A: To make an investment, via Bitcoin please follow these steps:
1. Download and run the Bitcoin software or get an online wallet.
2. Buy Bitcoin.  There are various methods available for buying Bitcoin. Please check Bitcoin Exchangers for a list of exchangers.
3. Open the Bitcoin software, click send Bitcoin, enter our Bitcoin address and  the amount you would like to send.

Q: How can I fund my Perfect Money account?
A: Follow this link: to see the list of perfect money exchangers where you can exchange/buy/sell Perfect Money to fund your newly created Perfect Money account.

Q: Are multi-spends allowed?
A: Yes, you can make many spend as long as you interest in our company.

Q: Are there hidden fees?
A: No, there aren't hidden fees. You will receive full of your principal and interest.

Q: How about SPAM?
A: We have zero tolerance policy towards spammers.

Q: Do you pay 7 days?
A: Of course, You can deposit and also get paid on weekend.

Q: Are my payouts for any plans paid directly into my account?
A: Yes, you will receive payouts automatically into your account. There is no need for member to make any actions to get paid. Member Areas of most online programs are not secure and may consequently be hacked easily, so we do keep our database offline for security reasons.

Q: Do you have referral commission for who doesn't have money but interests to earn money from your company?
A: Yes, we offer 20% commission when you refer an investor to our website. You can use this link :

Please to replace xxxxxxx with your e-currency account. 

Q: Is there compounding?
A: Compounding is not allowed.